Terms and Conditions

2.7 Upon reconsignment of the apartment, the guest shall pay the amounts needed for repairs and restoration due to any damage, destruction, flaws, faults and/or modifications to such apartment, to the furnishings and/or furniture, plants, as well as any amounts due as specified further hereabove; the related payment shall be made by credit card and, to this end, at the time of booking the guest shall authorise Etesian S.r.l. to pre-authorise their credit card. Pre-authorisation shall take place for the amount equal to the cost of the stay and shall be effective until the day after that of check-out. In any case, this is de facto without prejudice to the right of compensation for further damage should the pre-authorised amount fail to satisfy all the damages.

3. Exoneration from liability

The guest shall exonerate Etesian s.r.l. from any liability for direct or indirect damages caused to them and to third parties for the use of the assets or by the wilful misconduct or gross negligence of third parties in general. In any case, Etesian S.r.l. shall be exonerated from all liability for reasons beyond its control in ordinary and extraordinary fortuitous events and, in particular, for damages caused by violent storms, flooding, breakages in sewage systems or pipes in the asset subject matter of lease, in the common areas and in other property units of the building. Etesian S.r.l. shall also be exonerated, for causes beyond its control, from all liability for any unforeseeable damage to persons or objects caused by faulting connections, plant or operation of electric, sanitary, hygienic, heating materials, etc. and from the use thereof.

4. Other services supplied by Etesian

If a guest requires help with luggage upon check-out, Etesian S.r.l. shall assist them for a cost of 10.00 Euros, including VAT. 

5. Check-out and returning the property 

The guest shall return the keys to Etesian S.r.l. by 10:00 am of the last day of the lease. If delivery of the property takes place at closing time of Etesian S.r.l., the guest henceforth accepts the check Etesian S.r.l. that shall carry out on the conditions of the leased apartment, its furnishings, furniture and plants.

If delivery takes place with delay, the guest shall pay double the rate of daily lease for each day of delay, again using the pre-authorised credit card.

6. Credit card details

With the exception of bookings made through Airbnb.com, upon booking the guest shall give the following credit card details:

VISA/MASTERCARD _________________

Valid until _________________

Holder ____________________

7. Disclosure on privacy

The guest shall be provided with an information document about privacy upon check-in which is also for the other occupants of the apartment.

8. Lost items

Any objects the guest forgets or that are found in the apartment after they have left shall be kept by Etesian S.r.l. for a period of 15 days awaiting their claim by the guest who shall bear all costs necessary for their return; once such period has lapsed the items shall be consigned to administrative entities assigned with custody thereof.

9. Refunds

Refund requests must be sent by e-mail, within 7 days from the check out date, to the e-mail address booking@mamoflorence.com. Beyond this period, requests will not be processed.

10. Essential nature of the terms and conditions

All the foregoing terms and conditions are of an essential nature and form an inseparable single framework so that, the violation of even only one of them shall give rise to the right to terminate the agreement, with the consequent obligation for the guest to leave the apartment immediately.